Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia

These women glow with beauty from the inside out, their voices bridging the melodies between soul and mind. Leah and Chloe’s songs extend in a prolific sound that vibrates the heart with an understanding of deep spiritual traditions.

Studying various cultural folk tunes, this sister duo has combined singing histories from cultures around the world. Together they share global, verbal traditions through their gift of music.

“It is taking its own personality, carrying us all along the journey down the damp and strange alley ways and cryptic coded pathways to poetic observations, social change, lyrical messages, political rage, symphonic coercing, ferocious bantering, bicycles and train tracks, primal will, fresh air intoxicants, harmony and alliteration, noise and something sweeter than words can ever touch. ” Leah.

Follow their tour dates on risingappalachia.com

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